Build Your Dream Back Deck BBQ Setup With These Tips

Sitting on a back deck and enjoying a BBQ is a mark of a great summer. The only thing that’s better is when you can host an impressive BBQ yourself. 

A deck is the perfect space to relax and enjoy a meal with family and friends, but having the ideal BBQ arrangement goes further than just your deck or grill. Here are some ways you can achieve your dream setup. 


To turn your dreams into a reality, start by making a plan. Whether you’re building a new deck or adding a grill on an existing deck, you need to know the amount of space you’re working with. From there you can figure out what materials and accessories you’re going to use or add.

To build a space you love, plot out where your grilling area will be on your deck, where you’ll prep your food, and where people will sit to eat. When building a deck with BBQs in mind, allow enough space for the grill so it isn’t too close to your seating – or your house! You don’t want the heat and smoke to be blowing in guests’ faces and you should consider the risk of burns.

Plan to add four feet of deck all the way around your table so people can walk behind those who are seated. Once you’ve mapped out the space, you can start putting your setup together. 


Every great BBQ area needs plenty of space to prepare the delicious food that will be grilled. Having counter space near your grill will make preparing and serving food much easier. Be sure to choose a surface that’s easy to clean.

A prep area could be anything from a custom-built countertop next to your grill to a simple freestanding table. Go with whatever gets the job done while fitting your lifestyle and budget.


Looks aren’t everything. As you plan your BBQ setup, make sure you take functionality into consideration. Figure out how you can incorporate storage into your grilling area so you can avoid making trips inside to your kitchen for your grilling tools and accessories. 

Storage space goes hand-in-hand with your prep area. If you choose a prep table that has drawers attached, you can have everything you need in one place. Another option is to get storage cabinets that are designed for the outdoors so you don’t have to worry about weather damage.


During the day, the heat from your grill and the sun beating down can overheat you. There are lots of ways to add some much needed shade to your grilling area or the entire deck. You could add a grill gazebo, shade structure, pergola, or large umbrella. Don’t forget the SPF, either! No one wants a grill master who looks like a lobster. 

Since backyard BBQs sometimes turn into an all-day event, you need to be able to see what you’re doing even as the sun sets. Adding lighting ensures you’re able to grill safely and gives you the opportunity to add ambiance to your deck. There are many options to fit any style you want, from casual string lights to a sleek overhead light.


We all go to BBQs for the food first and foremost, but an entertaining, well-decorated environment can take the experience to the next level.

To make the most of your deck, include places for people to eat and hang out. Add outdoor furniture like tables, chairs, a hammock, or a swinging bench. To add a personal touch, pick out cushions and seat covers that match your style. Potted flowers or plants are another way to make your deck stand out. 

When it comes to entertaining your guests, you have many choices. You could play music through a wireless speaker system, have a TV with a game on, or put up a game of cornhole in the yard. 


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