How To Remodel Your Bathroom On A Budget

You don’t have to completely change everything or gut your bathroom to give it a new look and feel. 

Bathroom remodels are becoming an increasingly common project for homeowners, with the median cost of a bathroom remodeling project being $3,300, according to a U.S. Census Bureau survey of homeowners.

Budgeting is an important part of planning a home improvement project, but remember that the size of your bathroom, the scope of your remodeling plans, and the materials you use all factor into the cost of remodeling your bathroom. 

No matter what your budget is, there are plenty of ways to remodel your bathroom without breaking the bank. 


Small changes can make a big difference without hurting your wallet. Swapping out your faucets can give your bathroom an updated look whether your faucets are stained, leaking, or you just want something new. 

Changing your bathtub or sink faucet, handles on drawers and cabinets, doorknobs, or your showerhead will give your bathroom a cohesive look. You can even buy new shower hooks with the same finish and style to tie the room together. 


You can often find low-cost alternatives to the changes you want to make to your bathroom.

If you search, you can sometimes find a cheaper flooring option or a backsplash that won’t break the bank. If you want wood or tile flooring, for example, you could opt for luxury vinyl flooring instead. Modern vinyl can mimic many types of flooring, is low maintenance, and can withstand a lot of moisture. 


Even getting a new shower curtain and a fresh shower liner will give your bathroom a new look. Or opt for a bathmat or new towels in an accent color. These are a great way to give the appearance of a remodel — you don’t have to put in much hard work to get a space that looks new. 

Small accents like a toothbrush holder that matches your soap dispenser, and maybe even your trash can, could also elevate the space. 


Whatever you have pinned on Pinterest as your inspiration, you can probably find in a thrift store with a little patience and motivation.

Thrift stores are great places to get small decorations, wall art, floating shelves, mirrors, or whatever else you’d like for your bathroom remodel. You can also check Facebook marketplace and local garage sales. You may even score something for free! 


Instead of changing everything about your bathroom, change the lighting. Whether you like something more traditional or modern, changing lighting is similar to a shower curtain swap — this small change can give your bathroom a different ambiance. 


Changing your countertops and cabinets doesn’t have to be expensive. If you want your bathroom to be on-trend, clear, decluttered countertops are in. And at Big C Lumber, we can help you find a countertop replacement that meets your budget. And we offer a wide variety of vanity and wall cabinet styles and finishes. 


At Big C Lumber, our cabinet specialists can help you realize your dream bathroom and source what you need for your bathroom remodel. We have several brands to meet your needs no matter what your budget is. Contact us today to get started.