How To Use Big C’s First Look Home Design Visualizer

The theater of the mind is great for visualizing a lot of things, but when it comes to designing the exterior of your home, it’s best not to leave it to chance.

Big C’s First Look Home Design Visualizer takes the guesswork out of changing the look of your home’s exterior. You’re able to preview what hundreds of siding, window, and door products would look like on your home by using the visualizer.

Let’s walk through how to use the First Look Home Design Visualizer to preview a new look on your home.


You’ll want to start by snapping a photo of each side of your house so that you can upload them to the Visualizer. There’s no need to be artsy with your photo, the visualizer works best when the photo shows a flat face of an exterior wall.

The program only allows you to upload, view, and apply visualization effects to one photo at a time. Click the Start Upload button to begin uploading a photo of your home and using the free design tools. There are a few requirements for uploading photos you should know about:

  • The photo must be a landscape orientation
  • Uploaded photos should be at least 1600 pixels (px) wide
  • The maximum size photo you can upload is 16 MB
  • Avoid any obstructions in front of your home (trees, furniture, equipment, etc.)
  • Photos should be sharp and in focus

You don’t need to create an account to access the features of the First Look Home Design Visualizer. However, if you create an account you can create a project for each of your walls, which will keep everything in one simple place if you want to visualize how your entire home will look. If you are unable to upload a photo of your home, don’t worry. You can still use the stock images provided. Just find a style of home that most closely resemble your own home, and start designing. While not perfect, it will still allow you to get a better idea of how your home could look!


The real fun begins once you get your photo uploaded! The visualizer will take a moment to upload the photo of your home to the system.

The program will detect where the walls, windows, and doors are in your photo, which is why it’s advised to upload a photo facing only one side of your home. Once the photo has been uploaded, you can click the large plus button next to each part of your home that’s been identified to begin designing.

When you choose a design element, the program will automatically fill in the space to give you a visual representation of what your home could look like with the selected material. Let’s take a quick dive into each option.


The First Look Home Design Visualizer gives you the ability to try out new textures, colors, and patterns on your home with the click of a mouse. When it comes to your walls, you start with one major decision: siding or stone.

If you choose siding, you’ll be able to select siding from nine different vendors. You’ll be able to play with several different materials, including the popular vertical and regular horizontal vinyl siding.

If you choose stone, you’ll be able to choose from four different vendors. If you like the look of stone, you’ll be able to try out several different cuts of stone in a variety of different colors.


You can customize your windows from several different styles: awning, casement, double hung, single hung, picture, and slider. Each option offers a few types of configurations as well as several types of colors, brickmould, grid, grid pattern, and glass options.


A pop-up menu will appear when choosing the type of door to view on your home. In the new menu, you’ll be able to choose from different door grains, including fir, mahogany, oak, smooth, and walnut.

Once you choose a door grain, you’ll need to choose the width and height of your door. You’ll then be able to choose from several window size options in your door. You can even choose doors based on their impact rating, energy efficiency, fire rating, and sound proofing.


The First Look Home Design Visualizer allows you to compare your new look with the current look of your home with the ease of a button. Above your photo is a slider next to the word “Compare.” Clicking this slider will switch views between the current look of your home and your design add ons.

If you want to save your additions but try out new ones, you can simply click the “My Snapshots” button to save your settings. You can safely remove your changes once you’ve saved a snapshot and then return to it at any point in the future.

If you’ve saved a snapshot and want to try out new siding, windows, or door, simply click the “Remove Products” button to quickly remove all of the products from your design.

Clicking the download button next to “Remove Products” will save an image to your computer of your design. You can share this image and refer to it later.


Selecting the “Measurements” tab on the top menu bar will allow you to generate a 3-D model of your property. This can help you determine exactly how much product you will need to put new siding on your home, without anyone ever needing to come and visit your home! .

NOTE: This is a paid service and is not included as part of the free design tools.

However, we recommend consulting with one of our sales staff so we can help you determine how much material you’ll need. Our estimating and quotes are at no additional charge. And, we’ll also deliver your material at no additional charge!


The report option in the menu bar will create a pdf of the new look you’ve designed as well as the products you’ve used. Click on the “Print Report” button on the right-hand side of your screen to save the pdf to share with professionals you may be working with (like us at Big C!).

After you play around with the tools in the First Look Home Design Visualizer, contact the professionals at Big C Lumber to order the supplies for your home redesign! We can help you find the siding, windows, and doors to breathe new life into your home. Contact us today to get the process started.  No high-pressure sales tactics, no hidden charges. We offer free no-obligation estimates – with no surprises!