Design Tips And Ideas For Your Pool Deck

Whether you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, there’s no doubt that it’s a focal point in your yard. But a pool that’s simply surrounded by grass looks, well, out of place.

A well-designed and planned pool deck can provide functionality and aesthetics to your pool area. We’ve put together a few tips and ideas to help you design and build the pool deck of your dreams!


Every good dream (and design) starts with a good plan.

Start by taking measurements around your pool as well as the space you have available to install a deck. Sketch out your plan so you have a visual idea of where and how much space your pool deck will use. Think also about the types of materials you plan to use and how they will look around your deck.

If you have a particularly interesting landscape, consider designing around certain elements in your yard (like flowers or shrubbery) that can add design flair to your deck.


Sure, you’ll be spending a lot of time swimming in your pool, but you can’t be in the water all the time. If you plan to do any type of entertaining around your pool, make sure to design a space where you can safely set up a grill.

It’s also a good idea to add some shading to your grilling area so you don’t get burnt to a crisp while you’re grilling burgers and hot dogs!


If you don’t have a space for a shed in your yard, you may want to consider incorporating storage solutions into your deck design.

Build hideaway benches to store flotation devices, pool noodles, and other pool accessories out of the elements when not in use. Add cushioning to the top of your storage units so they can double as a place to sit by your pool! Speaking of cushioning, you’ll want to think about storage for any cushions or soft decorations in case of rain.


If you don’t already have a fence around your pool area, you’re going to need one for safety (and to obey the law). Most places require at least a 4-foot fence around your pool, but check with your local zoning board to be sure.

You can consider installing a larger privacy fence and features like self-locking gates for additional functionality and aesthetic.


If you’re still not sure where to start, or you need some more inspiration, the team at Big C Lumber can help! There are many possibilities for different deck designs in composite and treated lumber.

All deck structures begin with treated lumber as a base. The finished part that you will be spending your time on can also be done with treated materials, but those require more maintenance including periodic staining. Not exactly something you’d want to do around the pool. The smart choice is a composite material, which requires only periodic cleaning. And, no splinters! Best of all, you’re able to actually spend your time enjoying your pool, rather than spending time maintaining the deck around it. We have composite materials in several different modern colors.

Stop into your local Big C Lumber to chat with our staff, discover your options, and let us prepare a free quote!