Custom Shelving Ideas For Your Pole Barn, Garage Or Shed

Picture, if you can, a clutter-free garage — one where your car actually fits in the stall and where all of your things fit nice and neat. Does it seem like a dream? It can be a dream come true!

Your pole barn, garage, and shed are parts of your home that can easily become cluttered and overstuffed with odds and ends and items that simply have nowhere else to go. But they also have great potential to become functional, well-organized spaces that can house your belongings.

Standard cabinets can banish the chaos of your pole barn, garage, or shed and transform them into a streamlined space where everything is in its place. Let’s take a look at a few different shelving ideas for your pole barn, garage, or shed.


Floating shelves can fit about any space in your outbuildings, whether you need just a little extra storage or a whole lot. A simple floating shelf can offer flexibility in tight spaces. If you’re spanning a wide area, make sure to add enough brackets so your shelf doesn’t sag and can handle the weight of the items you’ll set on it.


A classic among shelving options, box shelves can be built in a variety of different sizes and customized to fit your tools, hardware, or parts. To upgrade your box shelves, install a slide and turn them into drawers.

Another option would be to build them to the dimensions of storage cubes you can find at the store so you can easily pull items in and out as you need.


Often overlooked and under-utilized, the corners of your outbuildings can become functional with corner shelves. If you don’t have a lot of space for shelves (like in your shed) a corner space can help you pack in large items like lawnmowers while still offering a bit of extra storage for oil, chains, or extra parts.


Custom bookshelves in your outbuildings can do a lot of heavy lifting, literally. When constructed properly, these shelves are sturdy enough to withstand about any weight that’s placed on them. That makes them perfect for organizing and storing your heavy duty items.


You may want to turn your pole barn, garage, or shed into a workshop once you’ve got it decluttered. If so, consider installing pegboard shelves. These handy shelves can be built onto existing structures (like a workbench) and can help you keep your tools and hardware sorted and in easy access.


Don’t neglect your vertical space! Going vertical in your garage or pole barn will help you maximize your storage options. Wall-mounted shelves are great options above work benches or in cases where floor space is limited such as when you have just enough space to park your car in the garage.

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