house with mix and match stone and vinyl siding

How To Mix And Match Stone And Vinyl Siding

Every home could use a facelift once in a while. If you’re considering updating your siding but simply can’t choose between stone and vinyl, you don’t have to! Mixing and matching siding types can create a dynamic and appealing look to your home’s exterior.

It can become overwhelming with so many options for mixing and matching stone and vinyl siding. Here are a few things to consider when updating your home’s facade.


This rule is basic, but it’s important to keep in mind! Remember that your stone siding will likely have color variation. Choose styles that complement one another and create a unified aesthetic.

Start by picking your stone color first, as this will make it easier to choose a coordinating vinyl siding accent color. Keep the bold colors indoors and stick to neutral colors on your exterior. The last thing you want is to have colors that end up clashing and ruining the overall curb appeal.


If your home has a particularly interesting architectural feature — like columns or a unique entryway — stone can be a great way to call attention to it as a focal point. When matched with vinyl siding, it can create interesting texture and depth to your facade that wouldn’t be possible with vinyl alone.


Variety is the spice of life, and that’s also true for mixing and matching stone and vinyl siding combinations!

Pouring over samples at the store and trying to envision them on your home is a thing of the past. With Big C Lumber’s First Look Home Design Visualizer, you can try different siding styles from the comfort of your home. Simply upload a picture of your home and mix and match styles in minutes!

The visualizer can help you conceptualize a design that’s balanced between stone and vinyl siding. Pay attention to the way that the materials flow from one section of your exterior to another. The design should feel natural and not appear disjointed or haphazard.


If you’re feeling unsure, the professionals at your local Big C Lumber can offer advice on different materials and design styles. When you’re ready to get started on your project, we’ve got all the materials you’ll need to get mixing and matching stone and vinyl siding on your home! If you are interested in having your siding installed with Big C Lumber, please contact the Roseland store at 574-272-6500 for more information.   Contact us today to learn how we can help you find the right siding to update your home’s exterior.