LED Lighting Retrofit – Saving Energy and Protecting our Environment!

In our efforts to save energy and protect our environment, we have completed retrofitting our showrooms and other areas of all our locations with LED lighting, replacing the outdated fluorescent fixtures. One example, our Granger location houses our Corporate Offices, Contractor Sale Counter and Showroom, and sales offices. In terms of square footage, it is one of our largest locations. We replaced all fixtures in the showroom and other common areas such as the hallways. While the cost to do so was significant, the energy dollars payback for this location will be less than 18 months. Over the last several years, we have been upgrading our lighting on our warehouse exteriors, interiors, and production facilities as well Рusing fixtures that shut off light when there’s no activity in the area. With 18 locations in the Big C Lumber operation including production facilities, the positive impact and reduction of energy use is considerable!