Our Coronavirus Response


Understanding How the Pandemic Affects our Business




All 15 Big C Lumber locations have returned to normal operating hours! Please click the "Locations" link at the top of our home page for details on your nearest location.

Our day-to-day operations will obviously not be what we have been used to in the past; as we have implemented additional safety measures including social distancing, plexiglass guards at our sales counters and other critical areas, and periodic sanitizing throughout the day.

Specifically, the following guidelines and procedures will be in effect:

  • Masks and gloves will be provided for customer use where required
  • 6' social distancing will be required
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at all counter areas
  • After every transaction, items such as credit card machine, shopping baskets, ink pens, and other items will be sanitized
  • Every two hours, areas such as sales counters, door handles, etc. will be sanitized
  • All common areas will be sanitized at the end of day
  • Restrooms will be closed to the public

Read on to see additional changes and procedures we have implemented to keep our employees and customers as safe as possible:


Work Habits

  • All employees will be screened for temperature daily upon arrival to work.
  • Requiring any employee who is sick for any reason to go home and to stay home until either symptom free (if Covid-19 is not suspected) or cleared by a doctor to return to work.
  • Requiring employees to wash hands and be vigilant about personal hygiene including not shaking hands.
  • Maintaining social distancing, including with customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Restricted all non-essential business travel and events.
  • Recommending high risk employees, or employees living with high risk family members, not come into work.
  • If we have an employee test positive (or diagnosed by their physician) for Covid-19, we have a temporary facility closure and reopening disinfection plan in place.


  • Occupied Homes - We have suspended installing products in the interior of occupied homes (e.g. Windows and Doors - Indiana). We are still installing exterior products (siding - Indiana) in occupied homes so long as the install can be done safely without contact. We will also continue delivering materials to occupied homes so long as the delivery can be done without contact and the material can be left either outside or in the garage.
  • New Home or Commercial Construction - All deliveries must be without contact and we are adhering to our enhanced safety protocols including social distancing.
  • Receiving - We are receiving products from suppliers at all locations but receiving must be done without contact and adhere to social distancing requirements.
  • Customer and Supplier Payments - We are receiving and making payments as usual.
  • For the safety of all, returns may be limited or not allowed.


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Unlike other building material retailers, We offer FREE Stop & Drop Delivery on most building materials - which would include Lumber, Windows, Doors, Roofing Shingles (on ground), Siding, Cabinets, etc.

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