Big C lumber Drafting & Structural Design Department

Blueprint House

From a rough sketch of your customer's home to the job site, Big C Lumber's Drafting & Structural Design Department will support you every step of the way. With a specialized staff that receives continuing product and technology education, we're prepared to steer you through all the twists and turns your clients take you through. Thousands of accurate, timely package quotes a year. An industry recognized I-Joist department dedicated to layouts and design. And a design department creating production-ready drawings. Big C Lumber provides all this and more. Most locations can electronically transmit blueprints to our Drafting & Structural Design Department and Truss & Panel Plant, saving you time and money. Our staff meets with local building commissioners to keep current with codes. If there's a problem at your job site, we'll be there to address it.

As a contractor, you're often pulled in many different directions at the same time. You need to get a window package quote for the house you're building, not to mention you need the layouts for the I-Joists as well. And, a customer has asked if you can design a house for them based on a small picture they found in a magazine. The Big C Lumber Estimating and Design Department can handle all of these tasks, and more, for you!

We handle hundreds of window and door package quotes per year. In fact, we have a window and door estimator dedicated to this function. Continuing education keeps our estimator updated on product changes and trends in the window and door industry. Our I-Joist estimator specializes in I-Joist layout and design. This individual won an award from Trus Joist Corporation for his outstanding work in this area. This position also requires continuing education to stay current with building codes and keeping up with the advances in the computer programs used in figuring layouts. What does all of this mean to you? It means you are working with well-trained, experienced people that are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

AutoCad Drawing

If your customer needs a house designed from the ground up, we can handle that too. We can take you and your customer through the design phase, beginning with the original drawing right through to the final blueprint. We can also handle the inevitable changes required by your client to room sizes, features, and so on. When a drawing leaves our estimating and design department, it is a workable drawing.

It's not unusual for our staff to meet with local building departments and the building commissioner to keep current with the codes, or if there is an issue that requires clarification. It's also not unusual for the local building department to refer people to our estimating and design department for help with their projects!