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July 28, 2020


Industry Update


The list of product lines experiencing long lead times, overall availability and rising costs continues to grow and is becoming more of a concern every day. The supply chain is facing various challenges that are not allowing mills and manufacturers to gain any ground on filling orders. The stronger than expected demand following the initial phases of the pandemic coupled with production shut downs, both mandated and voluntary, created a deep hole that many have not yet been able to climb out of. This imbalance allowed mills to drive prices for lumber and plywood to record levels in some species and in huge increments. What began as a shortage of treated lumber, attributed to people being confined to home and getting a chance to attack the honey do lists, has spread to more and more product groups.


SPF dimension and studs are becoming very hard to find and prices are rising. Open market wood in most cases doesn’t exist; mills are only filling contracts and otherwise off the market (nothing to sell). SYP continues to be very scarce and expensive along with treated, especially in decking and 4x4’s. SYP plywood is hard to find and way up. Cedar, especially decking, is in very short supply. OSB is on an unprecedented run, going up about 35% in the past 5 weeks with no open market wood to be found.


Below is a list of updates for various products with longer than usual leads. Distributors for building materials (roofing, vinyl siding, composite/PVC decking, nails and fasteners) are facing the same challenges. At this point it’s difficult to predict when we’ll see relief but it would be surprising if these conditions won’t last at least till the 4th quarter. Protect yourselves and plan ahead as far as possible. 

Roofing - Supply is becoming a concern for all manufacturers, especially in lesser used colors. All have announced a 4% to 6% price increase for mid August. 

Gypsum – No extended lead times and prices are currently stable.

Vinyl Siding – 4-6 week lead time for orders coming out of the plants, usual is 1-2 weeks

Composite/PVC Decking – 4-8 week lead times depending on the product. Distributors are struggling to prevent holes in their inventories.

Engineered Wood Products – no extended lead times and pricing is stable, somehow.

Nails/Fasteners – Containers are arriving slowly from overseas with many distributors facing outages.

Andersen – 100 Series 4-5 weeks    200/400/A Series 3-4 weeks   E Series 5-6 weeks

Silverline – Standard 7-8 weeks    Exterior painted 10-11 weeks

Jeld-Wen – Vinyl windows 5-6 weeks    Vinyl Patio Doors 9 weeks    Alum clad 4-6 weeks

Kitchen CabinetsAll manufacturers out 6-8 weeks




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