Market Update – April 7, 2021

Fiberon Announces First Time User Rebate for 2021
Get up to $500 cash back for trying Fiberon on one of your 2021 projects.

Details and redemption information can be found on the Fiberon website:

Fiberon Rebate Form


CertainTeed has announced an 8-10% Price Increase on all Vinyl Siding Products
In addition to to an 8-10% price increase, CertainTeed has announced that they will suspend production of several colors in multiple lines.

See HERE for a list of suspended colors.


Ox Engineered Products Announces Thermo-Ply Increase
Affected products include:

·     Thermo-Ply

·     Energy Brace

·     Ox Shield

Here is the notice.


Digger Specialties Announces Price Hikes Across Product Lines
The following represents a second round of increases from Digger Specialties and will become effective on April 12, 2021. (Net represents YTD increases)

Vinyl: 8% (Net 16%)

Aluminum: 10% (Net 15%)

Composite Columns: 18% (Net 33%)


Therma-Tru Implementing 7.5% Increase Across the Board
Effective for all orders placed on or after June 11, 2021, Therma-Tru has announced an “across-the-board” increase of 7.5% and a 15% increase on composite frame products.

Read more HERE.


Ply Gem Announces Temporary 8-10% Surcharge on All Products
Citing a shortage of raw materials and production constraints, Ply Gem has announced a temporary surcharge of 7% on all products including:

·     Vinyl Siding and Accessories

·     Blocks/Vents/Shutters

·     Metal/Trim Coil

·     PVC

The surcharge will be effective for all orders placed on or after April 5th

Here is the announcement.


Azek Building Products Announces Price Increased Ranging From 2 to 15%
Azek Building Products has announced a price increase on all products to become effective immediately. Decking and porch category average increase is just under 5% whereas all trim, mouldings, siding, and adhesives will go up 13-15%.

Read the announcement HERE.