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Trusses, Panels, engineered lumber

Structural Building Components Facility

Big C Lumber's Structural Building Components Facility can supply properly designed packages with everything from the Floor Trusses, to the Wall Panels, and Roof Trusses. Working with your Architect and Engineer to meet their specifications - along with utilizing the latest software to design your framing components - your projects are designed with each level of construction in mind to create one reliable, consistent package. And, just as important - your project is produced with quality wood on quality machinery - with no shortcuts. Our materials exceed industry standards and our machinery is top of the line. In fact, we have replaced or upgraded most of the machinery in our facility. This is an on-going improvement process to ensure the material leaving this facility is the best it can be. Where a typical factory produced wall panel may use smaller dimension lumber and wider spacing, Big C Lumber's wall panels are built the way a custom framer would build them. And, we don't just design a floor truss, we design a "floor system" that takes into account the mechanics of the building that will pass through them.

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What's the difference between building a conventional stick-framed home, and one that is built using structural components (roof trusses, wall panels, and floor trusses) that are built in a production facility such as ours? The answers will surprise you. The benefits are amazing. Click the following links to discover more:

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We supply and manufacture the following:

  • I-Joists
  • LVL and Laminated Beams
  • PSL (Parallel Strand Lumber)
  • LSL (Laminated Strand Lumber)
  • Steel I-Beams
  • Floor Trusses
  • Roof Trusses
  • Wall Panels
  • Wood and Laminated Columns
  • We supply 3-ply and 4-ply 2 x 6 Nail-Laminated Columns
  • We can cut large quantities of custom stud lengths for any application where standard pre-cut studs won't work
  • We can manufacture projects using Treated Lumber and Dimensional Lumber

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