Service Promise

Our Promise to Our Professional Customers

  1. Same day delivery is available for stock products. Specific days and approximate times may be scheduled in advance.
  2. Material returns will be picked up within two business days and posted within three.
  3. Back orders will be minimized. Our historic fill rate is 98.6%.
  4. Materials will be invoiced per estimate terms.
  5. Loads will be double-checked for accuracy.
  6. Quality will meet the customers' expectations.
  7. Outside sales people have a minimum of five years industry experience.
  8. Free estimating service for regular customers.
  9. If we don't carry the products our customers want, we will do our best to find them.
  10. We will respond to our customers' needs in a prompt, courteous manner.

 Free Same Day Delivery for most in-stock items


We offer FREE Stop & Drop Delivery on most building materials - which would include Lumber, Windows, Doors, Roofing Shingles (on ground), Siding, Cabinets, etc.

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