7 Kitchen Cabinet Features To Consider When Upgrading

The kitchen: it’s a place for baking recipes passed down through generations, trying new foods, and gathering and connecting with the people you love.

Ideally, it’s a joyful room in your home, not one that stresses you out. You’re probably used to your kitchen being the way it is, but chances are, there are some daily hassles you face due to the build or location of your kitchen cabinets.

If a kitchen upgrade is on your to-do list this year, consider these seven kitchen cabinet features you can add.


A kitchen cabinet slamming shut can be like nails on a chalkboard. As you put away or get out dishes, having soft-close cabinet doors can be a daily luxury. Along with eliminating the shrill sound of a cabinet door slamming shut, soft-close doors also help protect your kitchen cabinets from wear and tear.


Let’s face it, having a trash can sitting out in the open just isn’t the most elevated look. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to get rid of your trash can sitting out in the open. Instead, put your trashcan behind a cabinet. For convenience, place this cabinet near the sink or somewhere handy.


Custom moulding can add sophistication and elegance to your kitchen cabinets. At Big C Lumber, our custom cutting knives allow us to design over 1,000 profiles, or we can create a one-of-a-kind design specifically for your kitchen’s aesthetic.


Picture this: you’re making a cup of coffee in the morning or putting away dishes in the evening, but without a bright, harsh kitchen light. Integrated lights on the inside or bottom of your cabinets give you kitchen a warm, relaxing glow.


Instead of having to bend down and rummage around a tall cabinet that has wasted storage space, get cabinets with deep drawers to easily store pots and pans. It’s a feature that’s sure to make your life easier. You can thank us later.


Baking sheets falling over or haphazardly being placed in a cabinet is one of life’s daily annoyances. Get kitchen cabinets with vertical storage to take the hassle out of storing baking sheets. You can even use vertical cabinet storage to organize the lids for your pots and pans or tupperware.


Add ventilation to cabinets above areas where you’re cooking so they won’t be damaged by steam or grease over time. It’s a practical solution that any home chef needs.

When you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, work with our cabinet specialists at your local Big C Lumber. Contact us to get started on design work or for help selecting materials.