Value Statement

Value is defined as "That quality of a thing that makes it more desirable or useful." Whereas our corporate Service Promise defines what we promise to do for customers on a daily basis, our Value Statement defines who we are and what the proper employee perspective should be. These values beyond anything else have driven the success of our company for the last several decades.

Integrity: People should trust that we do what we say we'll do and we'll do the right thing.

Urgency: We will maintain a high sense of urgency in dealing with customers.

Safety: We will do our work safely. The safety of our employees, customers, and the public will always supersede the need for expedience.

Profitability: We will charge a fair price for our products and services. We will place the value of long-term relationships above that of short-term profit.

Respect: We will show respect towards fellow employees, suppliers and especially customers.

Fun: We will endeavor to enjoy the job we do and have some fun every day.

Community: We will support the communities where we earn our living with our time and contributions.

Advocate: We will serve as an advocate for our customers by finding the answers to their questions, recommending alternative products and helping them to become more profitable.

Relationships: We will befriend those customers and suppliers who will welcome our friendship.

Impression: We will present ourselves in a way that inspires confidence. This includes our greetings, personal appearance, driving habits, job site behavior and every situation where we interact with the public.

Salesmanship: We won't be afraid to ask for the sale, but we will refrain from using negotiating tactics to close a sale. People recognize when this happens and it destroys trust.

Teamwork: Cooperation and support between employees is essential. Lack of cooperation can cause more harm than anything our competitors can do to us.

Caring: We will operate under the golden rule, treating all people as we want to be treated.


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